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Do you know if your:

• site is well optimized to rank high on Google?
• titles, descriptions and content are well written?
• pages have enough content?
• site is mobile friendly?



What I Do

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SEO – Higher ranking on Google

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Past work experience

  • Photographer.
  • Founded & buried a Sharing Economy site for pre-ordered local food from farms.
  • Sheep farm worker. Saw the animal from the industry.
  • Co-founder for an employment start-up (vara.jobs).
  • Assistant @ big bankrupted start-up. Learned the alphabets.
  • Live La Liga football commentator for Chinese gamblers.

About me

Past moments I’ve been exploring beaches and mountains, taking photos and sketching things and words on paper. Currently interested of permaculture and seaweed.

36 years, 50+ cultures, few languages, friends and family have made me into what I am today – a person influenced by external world creating around past experiences.

Some other experiences

  • Murky water shark encounters
  • Mexican emergency room
  • Blood infection weeks away from the closest hospital
  • Dengue fever
  • About 25 self prescribed antibiotic treatments
  • Surfing, climbing, meditating
  • Trekking, yogic action, Freediving



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