boy with sombrero
Dream waves, drawing
Group photo, Todos Santos, Guatemala
10:40 p.m and a night of kayaking ahead
Space fish

What I do

  • Photograph
  • Travel
  • Write
  • Draw & Design

About me

Currently I work in Kaikoura, New Zealand. I am available for work offers as a freelance photographer and graphic designer.

Past moments I’ve been exploring beaches and mountains, taking photos and sketching things and words on paper.

36 years, several countries, few languages, friends and family have made me into what I am today – a person influenced by external world creating around past experiences.

Some other experiences

  • Murky water shark encounters
  • Mexican emergency room
  • Blood infection weeks away from the closest hospital
  • Dengue fever
  • About 25 self prescribed antibiotic treatments
  • Surfing, climbing, meditating
  • Trekking, yogic action, Freediving


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