Idea: Normal price

This idea is a bit older and it did take more than 2 hours to sketch. The idea is to make all prices of things and services transparent with the help of crowdsourcing.  Add, Sell, Search & Ask price of anything. “How much would this item cost in another country or continent?” “What is the average price […]

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Floating juice bar next to a surf break

Idea: Surf break bar

This is part of Idea-posts where I take an idea and spend 1-2 hours making it into a visual or textual presentation. Idea 2: Floating juice bar where you can rest and recharge your batteries when surfing. I´ve heard of people stuffing snickers into their wetsuits but I think this one is better.

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Slow summer day drawings trying to create depth

Idea: Consciousness can lie outside the brain

Yesterday I stumbled into conflicting information between two sources. I read an article: ”Insects are conscious and egocentric, study finds. (And you keep squishing them)”. Same day I was watching an episode of BBC Life documentary ”Creatures of the Deep”. (BBC´s nature documentaries are the best. Simply breathtaking.) According to the news article I read: “…The researchers […]

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