Hostel Life

Most of us in this building are not nomads, travelers, vagabonds, or wanderers on a spiritual quest to find ourselves. During working hours we do what needs to be done and then continue exploring other possibilities or waiting for next chapter in our lives. Occasionally we enjoy the moments of surprise, laughter and the calm […]

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Idea: Normal price

This idea is a bit older and it did take more than 2 hours to sketch. The idea is to make all prices of things and services transparent with the help of crowdsourcing.  Add, Sell, Search & Ask price of anything. “How much would this item cost in another country or continent?” “What is the average price […]

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Floating juice bar next to a surf break

Idea: Surf break bar

This is part of Idea-posts where I take an idea and spend 1-2 hours making it into a visual or textual presentation. Idea 2: Floating juice bar where you can rest and recharge your batteries when surfing. I´ve heard of people stuffing snickers into their wetsuits but I think this one is better.

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Slow summer day drawings trying to create depth

Idea: Consciousness can lie outside the brain

Yesterday I stumbled into conflicting information between two sources. I read an article: ”Insects are conscious and egocentric, study finds. (And you keep squishing them)”. Same day I was watching an episode of BBC Life documentary ”Creatures of the Deep”. (BBC´s nature documentaries are the best. Simply breathtaking.) According to the news article I read: “…The researchers […]

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