Diving for photos at Thiang Og Bay

The first day after the freediving course I went to look for sharks at Thiang Og Bay in Koh Tao. The place is also known as Shark Bay. For taking photos I used a Dicapac waterproof bag and Fujifilm x100. It’s not easy. I’ve tried it before and most of the shots were blurry. This time the not-blurry % was better but still too much luck is involved to my liking.

Cropping required until I can hold my breath longer

Taking photos underwater is hard but this time around it was a way easier. I had learned to relax under the surface and it helped. Next long term challenge is to get a water proof casing for my DSLR.

Usually I don’t crop photos but for now these underwater shots require both post production and cropping. Hope to change that some day in the future.

Don’t know the name but I like it
I think I wont crop photos of sharks. Let’s see how close I can eventually get…
I think this is what a bleaching coral looks like.


As you might be able to tell underwater world is a new element for me. I think in the future it will occupy a big part of when I’m not breathing.

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