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Past work experience

  • Live football commentator for Chinese gamblers
  • designer for a crappy local newspaper
  • Assistant @ big bankrupted start-up
  • Co-founder for start-up, solving problems and witnessing comedy.
  • Pro bono photographer x 1000
  • Photos published in, GEO-magazine, and few other papers.
  • Sheep farm worker

About me

Past moments I’ve been exploring beaches and mountains, taking photos and sketching things and words on paper.

35 years, 50+ cultures, few languages, friends and family have made me into what I am today – a person influenced by external world creating around past experiences.

Some other experiences

  • Murky water shark encounter
  • Mexican emergency room
  • Blood infection 2 weeks sailing from the closest hospital
  • Dengue fever
  • About 25 self prescribed antibiotic treatments
  • Surfing, climbing, meditating
  • Trekking, yogic action, Freediving


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