Idea: Normal price

normal priceThis idea is a bit older and it did take more than 2 hours to sketch.

The idea is to make all prices of things and services transparent with the help of crowdsourcing. 

Add, Sell, Search & Ask price of anything.

“How much would this item cost in another country or continent?”
“What is the average price of this in the world?”
“How much would people be willing to pay for this if I sold it?”

While I was traveling on a budget it always took a while to realize what are the ´real prices´ of things like food and sleeping. By ´real prices´ I mean what was the price if you excluded the fact that my hair was blonde, I was more or less a passing tourist and I didn´t speak the local language.

The seed for this idea came when I was brainstorming & drinking coffee with a friend and watching the flow of Ganges in the banks of Rishikesh. We had been doing yoga for a month so some brain stimulation was a nice change.

Closer to the core of the idea is transparency. We live in a world where money is valued highly. Perhaps open data of all values imaginable would hasten this phase in human history and we could focus on something else.

Below are some examples of how it could flow:

  1. Add Value: price of coffee
    1.1 Add value
    2. Sell an Item
    1.2 sell something
    3. Sell something unique1.3 sell something unique
    4. Search prices: Transportation ticket
    2.1 search ticket price
    5. Search items: iPhone
    2.2 Search iphone6. Search: Land & Personal trainer
    2.3. Search function7. Add value: Bicycle
    3.1 ask value - bike

8. Ask Value: Gasoline
3.2 ask value gasoline

Do you think it could work?

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