IDEA: Meat eaters need to kill

To put the idea simple and short: if you eat any animal products you would need to kill x amount of farm animals every month.

Depending on how much animal based food you eat you might have to kill a chicken or perhaps a whole cage full of chickens and perhaps a cow every 3 months and the occasional pig if you’re into bacon and such.

If you eat fish that would require you to whack a few farmed salmon in the head and gut them.

All killing would be related to your consumption. All this would be a law set by the government. Quite simple.

Ok, so vegans and vegetarians would be required to do some weeding and spraying Round-Up to local community gardens just to even things out.

The idea is loosely based on the idea of consumption based taxing. If you are consuming in a manner which is scientifically proven to do damage to this planet you should not get away with it with the swipe of a credit card or separating plastic wrappings from cardboard.

Is the idea feasible?

I think so.

How could this work in practice?

You local producers could organize a ‘killing day’ once a month. Costs of that time lost for the producer would be included in the products market price.

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