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Evening Walk while trying not to trip over

It's quite hard to take photos of rocks. Depth of field and focus point create doubt. Before sunset walking on the rocks is relatively easy. Getting out of the desert in the dark without twisted ankles or over extended knees is a different thing. What really makes the walk back slightly arduos are the blinding city lights in the distance. The contrast between the distant lights and the surrounding darkness makes the scenery look virtual. Simultaneously there is this ever present glow of light everywhere that just doesn't look right. It's as if someone is behind me with a light. But there is nothing, no moon or bright stars.

Sure I could just take my headtorch with me. But that's a bit too easy and bright. It's nice when eyes adapt to the darkness. Reminds me of some of the first video games with 256 colors. Maybe Elon Musk is right about us living in a simulation.