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Second day of calima took over the town

Second day of the sandstorm was as dusty as the first one. Strong and warm gusty winds brought more fine sand that now covered everything from cars to my bedside table. The streets of the city were almost abandoned. The strangest color of blue filtered through the sand cloud. It created beautiful blue reflections on the surface of the ocean.

This time I took out my Canon kit lense and shot handheld. During early afternoon there was still enough light to shoot without a tripod and the automatic focus is more reliable with the kit lense compared to the Sigma 18-35mm. I've been really concentrating on finding the right exposure and focus. This way post processing becomes fast. I only need to adjust the contrast, and perhaps tweek the exposure and temperature occasionally. This really simplifies the process. Either the photo is well exposed or not. Content and composition are a different subject.