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Hike across Fuerteventura – Day 1


Travel across Europe - Day 1

This post is of my hike across the island that started 10 days ago. I was doing social distancing with a maximum effort. I loved the trip but the return to society was a ruff one. Today is 19th of March. I'm packing my bags and preparing to find my way to Finland.

The Route

After a week long digital detox I got back from my hike to witness the first day of the lockdown. I've been trying to buy flights to Finland ever since. After staring at the airline companies websites for too many days it seems like the best option to improve chances of getting to my desired destination is to buy multiple tickets from multiple companies. This of course would require a lot of credit and know-how. This approach does not work for everyone. Five of my flights have been cancelled so far. Perhaps this last attempt works out.

At the end of the 4th day I came across an unpassable military zone

Plan for reaching Finland

Bus to the harbor, ferry to Las Palmas, find a place to sleep, taxi to the airport, fly to Barcelona, sleep on the airport, fly to Amsterdam, fly to Helsinki – Finnish Line. I'm justifying this trip to myself with the facts I've been able to obtain.

I spend a week hiking through the island without meeting anyone except few restaurant owners. Upon return I haven't left the house except to buy some food and water. With high probability I don't have Covid19 virus. Journey to Finland should take me about 2 days. If I get infected during the trip I will unlikely be passing it forwards before day 4 or later. By that time if things go planned I'll be next to a lake in an empty cottage somewhere in Central Finland. I've suffered Dengue fever while in a small bamboo hut in Thailand so Corona virus in fresh and cold air should be doable.

So I see this coming journey as a personal risk that should not put others at risk. The likelihood of things going as planned? Low, but it's ok. I can improvise and my feet are healing well from the hike. Long distance walk is not out of the question.

Now some words and photos of last weeks hike across this deserted island...

Day 1: Corralejo - Esquinzo

9th of March

Day 1: 24.9km

The first night was quite uncomfortable. I found a perfect looking sand dune next to the cliffs. There was a slight chance of getting hit by a loose rock but the location was the best in the bay and it was getting dark quite fast.

I had with me an outer layer of a tent to protect from the wind. With an air mattress and a blanket I would soon be ready to pass out from exhaustion. As I was unpacking an angry seagull attacked me. It was swooshing in almost complete darkness and making very loud and high pitched screeches. It was annoying. I figured I should probably move. Closer to the ocean there was a low rock shelter. It blocked the wind slightly. It would be a chilly night.

Campsite for the first night
Lots of warning signs at the start of the hike
Snack break at an empty bus station

Soon the full moon was rising and the bay was lit again. I had 3 cameras and a tripod. I got out of my shelter. Photography was to become the main theme of the walk. The theme would only be surpassed by everything else that was required to go through this remote coastline without staying too long. This meant mostly to keep moving while trying to eat and sleep enough.

First beach in Cotillo

Now future is open again. A pandemic is here and it will limit our movement. Something new is brewing in human behavior and everyone is invited to take part. I think it will push us to virtual worlds and there will be no poking, only sharing. I have an idea I've been working on but that is a story for another post. Sorry, I'm digressing. It's hard to stay focused while facing uncertainty on a molecular level.

Evening swim

The seagull eventually left me in peace. The waves kept breaking closer as the tide rose. The wind was trying to find a way through the tent cover. I wrapped it around me a bit tighter and once again fell asleep.

Rising tide
Setting Sun
Obstacle course for sore feet

Next days of the hike:
Day 2: Las Salinas - Las Palmas
Day 3: Hiking towards Ajuy and Flying to Barcelona
Day 4: A dead end while hiking. Feelings of relief in the air.
Day 5: Hike over the mountains to La Pared and a bus ride home
Day 6