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Day 2: Punta Salinas & Las Palmas

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The next morning the sand was everywhere and I still didn't figure how to empty the air mattress. The first steps of the day hurt the most. Eventually it became background noise. Still a lot of breaks were required. During the afternoon I passed through a small bay with few buildings. One of the restaurants had much needed water in overpriced 0.5l crispy thin plastic bottles. But it was cold. Couple of hours later I found a spot to stop and rest.

The open lava tunnel next to the cliffs had been a resting place for many visitors. Today it was empty and I made it my home. It felt something like a secret shelter from Game of Thrones with the throne to sit on. The ocean thundered against the cliffs and each big wave resonated through the solid slabs and old lava formations. Sitting in the deepest room you could feel the exploding waves vibrate straight through the rocks and your body. The place had so many faces and angles. It was another loud and windy night but I was getting used to it. The hike started during full moon so when I woke up to pee it was light again.

We had arrived. There was a dozen of us on foot. Everyone had space. But on land the first thing the crew did was they put us into a bus to drive us few hundred meters forward. All of a sudden it was crowded. Taxi. Mysterious Finnish man was waiting me with a key. He showed the accommodation and was quickly gone. The wife was alone keeping watch in the tower. Nobody really was suppose to be out right now.

The day was coming to an end. The Apartment was peaceful. A message told that my second flight was delayed. I would still rest well tonight. The final leg of the trip was postponed. So now I was aiming for a longer shoreline.

People started clapping their hands. Neighboring buildings came to life with sounds. It's 7 p.m. New customs are forming.


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