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Previous days of the hike:
Day 1: Hike across Fuerteventura & Travel across Europe
Day 2: Las Salinas - Las Palmas
Day 3: Hiking towards Ajuy and Flying to Barcelona
Day 4: A dead end while hiking. Flight through Paris to Helsinki.

Day 5: Hike over the mountains to La Pared

Swimming pool
Camp site of previous night
Yesterdays dead end was beyond the horizon
The military zone had nice looking mountains
For majority of the day the barbwire kept from choosing ones own path

I wanted to start walking early but first a quick dip to the ocean. It was to become another +20km day. The day went by mostly following the military fence until I passed La Pared. First the obstacle went through the desert. Then it almost joined with the highway that was climbing towards the pass between two mountains. Eventually after several crossings of the highway I reached the highest point of the journey. It was probably around 400 meters. On the way some bad route choices had cost me about an hour. I should have kept on lower ground. This small decision choosing the route at the bottom of the ascend ended up multiplying the effort that was required to reach the top. I had unnecessarily drained a lot of energy from my legs. From the top I could see almost straight highway heading back to the coastline. It followed the military fence. My hopes of disappearing into to valleys of the nearby mountains vanished. I could only follow the road or walk next to it. Descending on even surface was painful.

The road downhill from the viewpoint
Some colors bringing change to the never ending road

Eventually I reached La Pared. It was dark. Yet again I had continued to push past the setting sun. The first restaurant I found would not let me in saying they were having a pre-ordered barbecue. I think it was my general appearance and the smell. Luckily the small shop a bit further down the road was still open. I took my time. Local old woman doing evening shopping gave me a bad look and talked trash about me to the woman caring for the store. She said I was no bother but the old woman had made her mind. Bag full of chips, fruits, cookies, candy, sardines and water I pushed forward eventually finding some protection from the elements. It was the most boring day but I had made the most of it and slept well.

Aloevera plantation
Under the bridge

Next days of the hike:
Day 6, Cofete

Road home - From Helsinki to the countryside

Sleeping in the airport in Helsinki was the coldest and most uncomfortable night of the year so far. Air conditioning and the radiating cold from outside through the large windows felt like it was reaching the core of the spine. Some squads and pushups kept my blood flowing. The good things were 24/7 food store, running water and toilets. And I was getting close to my end destination. I got few hours of sleep while listening to an audiobook.

Next day a quick walk across the city in my hoodie was enough. Winter in this city... Only if someone pays. It looked the same. The places you return to almost always do. For the journey inland I got a brand new N95 mask to protect my fellow passengers in the bus and myself as well.

I opened the door with a key and unpacked what little had made it with me till the end of the journey. I had arrived to my end destination. The journey to Finland had taken four full days of traveling with very little sleep. I could not comprehend how I had not gotten sick on the way. I had a lot to thank for those nights under the star in Fuerteventura. I think the long days of hiking had helped my body and mind to now stretch a bit and handle stress better than on average. That was my theory anyway. Who knows. I was happy to have arrived.