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Previous days of the hike:
Day 1: Hike across Fuerteventura & Travel across Europe
Day 2: Las Salinas - Las Palmas
Day 3: Hiking towards Ajuy and Flying to Barcelona
Day 4: A dead end while hiking. Feelings of relief in the air
Day 5: Hike over the mountains to La Pared. A bus ride home
Day 6: Cofete

Day 7 – The Lighthouse

Locals in Cofete assured me the last part of the West Coast was impassable. Some local young man had died trying.
Yesterday's scenery
Last look at the west coast before heading down from the pass.

The last day of the hike passed by on auto-pilot and ended before I even got into a good walking rhythm. One foot in front of the other over the pass following the highway to the highest point. On the way down as soon as I saw an opportunity to head towards the rocky valley I jumped off from the paved road. The East Coast of Fuerteventura was getting closer. I stopped to eat the rest of the leftover goat. The road kept going up and down the coast swerving like a snake. I just cut straight through the curves finding my way through the small canyons. For the last kilometers of the journey I followed the official island crossing hiking route. Colored markings on sticks and rocks made sure my brain was switched off. I kept looking at the lighthouse in the distance.

Grey spray paint covered a dozen permanent trailers making the community look like some wanabe military fan base.

At the lighthouse I ate a little. With some Jedi mind tricks I told a young tourist couple to give me a ride towards north. They dropped me of to an empty buss station after half an hour, clearly wanting to continue their rental adventure relying on a guide book. I probably smelled pretty bad. Soon I'd be having a hot shower.

Looking back from the furthest corner of the island.

Once in the bus I swalloed down the last of the potatoe chips. The bus was dead quiet. The only thing I knew of the emerging pandemic at the time was that the island was going on lock down the next day. I just thought the timing was pretty funny. Emerging from the desert straight into an alternative reality. It sure wasn't the world I had left behind a week ago.

The Lighthouse at the end of the road.

Little did I know I would have to start planning my next journey to the other side of Europe almost immediately. During the effort to get to Finland the airlines would suck my credit cards empty not giving refunds. (F***k you Ryanair for selling flights and then hours later canceling them!) Supposedly people everywhere carried deadly viruses without symptoms. During the four days of traveling while sleeping in airports I was to eat less than during any given day of the hike.

End of the island. Where two currents meet, the ocean has a life of its own.

End of the hike.