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Sailing in the Baltic Sea

I'm not really a sailor but I've seen places. This was the smallest ocean I've ever sailed in and the most fun.
It was also the smallest sailing boat I've been to.
The ocean, the rocks and the next change of direction was constantly close by.
Reading charts was essential for getting through the shortcuts surrounded by shallow water.
Week went by fast and on the way back to the home harbor we got some proper swell as we crossed Porkkala to make things interesting.

Slow sailing summer meant some barnacles
...And some cleaning before setting sails
Captain in the sun
First harbour
Protected bay
Second shelter was well protected from the coming storm
Sheep island
Island hopper
Seeking shelter from the rain in Bärösund.
It's always sunny after a storm
On the way back we teamed up with an another h-vene
View through the canvas
The remainder of the rain and the thunder clouds kept following us.
Arriving to our last unmarked anchorage
Careful approach
Captain taking it the view.
Same same
Same same
Early breakfast to get back home before the swell gets too ruff.
Go time
Thunder clouds
Busting loose
One of two saiiling boat we saw that day.
Til next time.