Surfing a 20km stretch in NZ

New Zealand is a classic spot for anything ocean related. What makes almost any spot appealing in NZ is the lack of crowds, no sketchy ocean creatures - big or small, and rugged landscapes from the lineup. The water is clean and cold. One could argue it's almost an exotic experience to most surfers nowadays.

The story behind choosing to come to Kaikoura was pretty simple. My visa to Australia was days from ending. Earlier a Kiwi friend had recommended the place. Research with Google Street View assured me there is a supermarket and cafes. That was all I needed to know. It was little work and a lot of play at first. With time cleaning bathrooms and eating white bread got tiring and I ended up getting a new job. Quadrupled steady income meant that leisure time went down the toilet. At the same time the ocean started getting colder and my ears refused to co-operate with the changing weather. With itchy ears I got grounded and the days of surfing and freediving changed into laborious grinding from sunset to sundown. It was full on rat race but the timing felt right and I got to learn a new skill and meet awesomely different kinds of people.