Devil's Den Biv, Lewis Pass - NZ

Evening before I wanted to start my hike I met a group that had just come out of the bush. They had been re-opening an old horse track over a pass. They had lost one of their friends on the way back to the carpark. Eventually police had to be involved and a search party of two went looking for the man. Two fishermen from Scandinavia had met the man missing and just before dark all 5 of them were back. Some hot water was boiled and eventually all parties involved went their own ways. I had pitched my tent next to the river and the next morning I started 2 day hike.

The route I had chosen was recommended to me by a hunter. It turned out to be perfect start for the hike's in NZ. Nobody anywhere and the track was almost invisible from lack of people. Waist deep river crossing started the 2 day hike and after that multiple creeks and rivers kept my shoes wet for the entire hike.

Devil's Den bivy was on top of a misty saddle. There was a mattress and I slept well. Next morning I headed down the other side of the mountain and after several hours made my way to a bridge that connected with the highway. Quick hitchhike back to my car and I was heading north to find a place to sleep for the night. Body seemed to be working well so I started planning for a longer hike.