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Updated (13.4.2020)
Breathing Exercise: 4-4-8-4 Effects of Slow and Examples

Breathing works

On this page I will collect breathing related material. Ideas, demos, writings, photos, videos and articles. In my experience when everything else has gone awry the ability to concentrate on breathing is useful. Inspiration comes mostly from my own experiences and things like pranayama, yoga, freediving, love for nature, and the desire to create new things.

Breathing exercise


Effects of Slow Breathing


2019 I graduated as a freediving instructor. Part of the course was to give a presentation of something freediving related. I studied and gave a short talk on Slow Breathing and how it effects our body. You can download and read it here: Slow Breathing hand out (PDF)

See animations on Slow Breathing here.

Screenshot from the Slow Breathing document